5 Definitive Reasons Why Virtual Tours Make SEO So Much Better


I’ve mentioned the word ‘Virtual Tour’ before in many client meetings, and it’s all the same type of response, ‘I don’t think we need a Virtual Tour, will it even help my business?’ or ‘Would my website rank higher with a Virtual Tour’ or ‘Are virtual tours actually good for my SEO?’ – The answer is an almost resounding… YES.

By implementing a Virtual Tour to your website you will:

  1. Receive more back linking traffic
  2. Your socials will be up
  3. Bounces will drop
  4. More time spent on your website
  5. Traffic will increase

‘But how does this actually work?’ I can hear you saying. Well let’s have a look. 

1. Receive more back linking traffic from Virtual Tours

You’ll find that websites that showcase a Virtual Tour will, in general, receive 25-30% more backlinks than sites that don’t have one. But why is this? Because on the page with the Tour is placed, it will have more content and will have more value for the viewer. Other companies love this, as their own website will get a boost from this too. 

Link Boost is extremely important to websites, more so when they are coming from websites with high authority. Think of it as a vote. The better quality, and the more votes you have, will help you rank positively on Google. We’ll be covering backlinks in a future post, so stay tuned for more. 

2. Your socials will be up

We’ve seen an increase in the sharing of Virtual Tours, specifically around the COVID 19 pandemic, which has seen the number move from 30% up to 55% on social media. These tours are a snapshot of your business, and help customers or future customers get a feel for who you are. At the time of writing this, we are in COVID lockdown, so it has never been more important to keep your business in front of your audience. 

As more leads/customers share your tour, the more chances that they will click the links to visit your website. This has a massive impact and will increase traffic as well as affect your rankings positively. 

3. Bounces will drop

Bounce rate is something that we all face, but for the first time in a while, we’ve seen these number drop. Virtual Tours are still an up and coming thing, and as such, it will increase the amount of time your leads/customers spend on your website, which in turn, will see your bounces drop. This will have a massive impact for your SEO. 

4. More time spent on your website

Google has a reputation to keep. It doesn’t want you searching for hours, only to keep trying different combinations and then to get frustrated. They prefer to have you search once, and find what you are looking for. Having a Virtual Tour will, as we’ve said before, cause your audience to stay on your website for a longer period of time. This tells the algorithms at Google that you’ve found what you’re looking for, this is what it wants. 

On average we’ve seen increasing numbers of a whopping 80% in the average time spent on a website with a Virtual Tour as opposed to sites that don’t have one. I don’t even need to say it again, but I will, this will have a massive impact on your SEO. 

5. Traffic will increase

This is a strategic one. It’s all based on getting each of the other steps done correctly first. If your Virtual Tour has been added correctly, with content to accompany it, then an increase of traffic will occur. It’s extremely important to note that just placing a Virtual Tour placed on your website doesn’t work as is, you need to have a little bit of content to help. 

This will give you the SEO boost you need, and we all know what comes from traffic, but for those who don’t, traffic turns into leads. This is in the form of Calls, Emails or interactions on your website. We’ll cover more about traffic and conversions in another article in the future.  

You must always remember that Content is King and Google loves content. So if your page has an amazing virtual tour, with high quality content, the chances of your site benefiting from SEO is greatly increased. 

SEO won’t just increase, but you’ll also be standing out above your competitors who only showcase stock images on their website. Virtual Tours are now making the biggest difference and you’ll see more leads coming through as a result. 

Reach out and let’s have a chat about how this could benefit you and your business today.