What Do You Need to Ask When Hiring An SEO Expert?


So you’ve decided to hire an SEO expert. But wait, you’re not quite sure about what you want them to do or what to expect from their services. This can get tricky since SEO does take time to deliver results.

You need to make sure to hire the right team beforehand. There are simple questions that may help you find the SEO expert you’re looking for. When hiring an SEO expert for the first time, these questions below might help.

What to Ask:

How Do You Set the Timeline for Us to See the Results? – not all SEO experts can give you the exact timeline for the results. Remember that SEO is not an instant solution, it will take a while to see its progress. A good SEO consultant will give you an open timeline with plenty of room for adjustments. 

Don’t trust consultants that give you exact dates, they may be up to something. If you are curious about the average time that SEO shows results, they vary from weeks to months. This question is to help gauge whether the SEO expert you’re talking to 

What Do You Need to Know from My Company? – an effective SEO expert will have plenty of questions for you. They will want all the smallest details about your brand, your target market, your business goals and so on. They will also want to know what tools you use and the digital platforms that you are on.

Will I Be Able to Talk to Your Previous Clients? – SEO experts that are confident about their work will have this information at hand. They will be more than happy to share client success stories with you. If they seem reluctant to give you any details about their past work, then this may come as a red flag. Be observant about their answers.

How Up-To-Date Are You With Industry Changes? – time is of the essence when it comes to SEO. You will want to work with someone who has the knowledge about what techniques and tools work at present. SEO experts who are aware of the environment they are working on can formulate better strategies in positioning your brand. This question can also show you how much research the SEO expert makes and how they can adapt to new tools and techniques.

How Do You Handle Progress Reports? – results are what you want the most. It is good to work with SEO experts that know how to present their progress reports well. You may want to ask them to provide you with sample reports or previous reports that they’ve done.