Website hosting done right

We offer a unique approach to our website hosting. Offering to partner with you, rather then charge an hourly.

support with hosting

We offer a partnership with our hosting options. Rather than just a simple hosting provider, we offer a partnership between us. 

2 Hour Support

Most web developers/hosting providers will charge you hourly to make changes/fixes to your website. We include 2 hours of website support as part of our hosting plan. 


We back up all our client’s websites on a daily basis to ensure that we never have anything go wrong with a website. This allows us to have a little more peace of mind. 

Email Support

Emails are something that we can setup for you, or provide assistance along the way. They are mostly straightforward, but we’ll provide the support if you find yourself a little stuck. 

Some of our recent work

One simple Fee

We believe in keeping things very simple. We have one rate for our hosting plan. It covers everything a business would need to run their website, and have the support they would need. 

If you have any questions about what else it can do, please ask. 


$ 55
  • 2 Hours Support
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily Backups
  • Link Monitoring
  • Email Support


Surely there are some questions, let’s see if we can answer them. 

We don’t offer any other hosting options with Ranga Digital. We believe that this offers the most value to our clients as well as offering a much better solution for the long run of your business. 

We don’t lock anyone into a long term contract. So it’s a cancel anytime you like arrangement. 

If you do go over your 2 hours of support, then we charge you at our hourly rate. Most clients don’t go over this time.