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Get people visiting with actually visiting!

Get people visiting with actually visiting!

Business have suffered due to a lack of traffic in your front door, show them your store/business with a virtual tour.

The 5 top reasons why Virtual Tours are essential to your business.

An Agency that gets customers seeing you in a different way.

Virtual tours offer the glimpse into your business from any device.

Agencies all over, will talk a big game about getting your great rankings through search engines, or over promise with guaranteed traffic. But COVID 19 as smashed that, and the game is different now.

Your objectives twelve months ago, are not the same as what they are now. Business as we know it is different. You must focus on valuable keywords, maintain your position and focus on the longevity of your business, as when things start to turn back to ‘Normal’ you’ll be ahead of the competition.

You need to set yourself apart, become that industry leader in your chosen niche. What do you offer that your competitors don’t?

You need to be thinking 20 steps ahead. COVID has shown us this.

This is where we provide the best help. We don’t just focus on the short term success, we focus on the next 20 successes.

Customers seeing you in a different way.

Actual Results. Actual Clients.

Five star!Very professional website designer. Great communication, excellent customer service!!! Recommend to all that needs to build a good-looking and well-functioning website.

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Google Rankings

But what the hell is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO, – is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the best practices to rank your website so it appears, at the top, in search engine results pages like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Why do you Need Search Engine Optimisation?
When was the last time you or anyone at home looked up something to buy using Google? Probably more than once in the past week.

More than 3 billion searches are made every single day. Point proven!

Our SEO agency has the necessary skills to create a campaign that puts your company high up in those search results. When you succeed at that, imagine the potential it could hold for you and your business!

How does SEO Work?
Keep on trend with the ins and outs of SEO is a skill on its own, many businesses owners try and fail to understand the complexities of it. Google is on of the most user friendly tools out there, but beneath its lovely interface is a complex webbing of code and computations. Juggling this, and other parts of your business is too much for some.

This is where Ranga Digital steps in. We don’t just take over and run your campaign, we work with you to provide the best outcome suited to your business, the current climate and the end user of your product or service. We’re the experts in SEO that will create a long lasting, lead generating, sales increasing campaign in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania and our friends over in Perth.

Successful Clients

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Tell me more about Virtual Tours

Our plans range from $1,250 and up. The more you invest, the more your ROI.

First, you will target the same people who are loyal to your industry with keywords that are ideal for your business. E.g., nearest pizza place, affordable leather jackets, book a salon appointment, and more!
Regardless of how fast a company works or how many people are working on your campaign, SEO results do not show up until three to six months of website optimization. 
75% of people looking up products and services click on the first choices on the search engine. They are comparing prices, choosing variants, browsing designs, considering service lists, and more. The only thing that is important is that they have AN INTENT TO BUY. The important number? 14.6% of these people are converted into buying customers.
There are many reasons why a website may not show up on Google. The first is that their algorithm – the program that monitors SEO on all websites – has decided that someone else, or heaps of businesses, are doing better SEO work. The second reason is that any previous SEO efforts may not have been done properly, which leads to ranking down on search engines.

Yes, you can. However, we will let you know if the keyword is easy or difficult to rank for. The difference between the two is that it will take longer to rank for a difficult keyword. The great thing about it is that once you reach that goal, you essentially become a digital trailblazer in your industry.

Yes. SEO generates the most valuable type of lead – warm market, ready to buy consumers.
It’s quite simple. When someone looks up a specific keyword, your goal is to be one of the first options in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
Any result on SEO converts into traffic, sales, or leads – all valuable key performance indicators. 
Our competitor research methods are designed to help you gain an advantage over your competitors. All it takes is a campaign and a little bit of time to catch up to their current SEO efforts.
Ranga Digital monitors different KPIs on SEO campaigns, however, our biggest marker for successful SEO work is increased organic traffic and conversions on websites.

We would be lying if we said yes. For SEO to work properly, you need to have a fast-running website, an easy to use design, a blog filled with helpful and actionable articles, and excellent customer service. SEO gets you to number one, but it is your job to stay on top.