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An advanced marketing campaign that utilizes the power of 
Social Media, Location-focused Online Marketing, and Mobile-friendly Content.

Use Social

Social media platforms are the easiest way to connect with a new market. Depending on your product or service, we can create a strategy that optimizes your business marketing materials for the right platform and audience. Is your social media presence high enough? 

Go Local

Optimize your local business listings on search engines and directories so that you can easily find your service in your area, suburb, city, or country. As your local presence improves, so does your accessibility and visibility to nearby customers. Are you ranking on local searches?

Be Mobile

According to Statista, around 55 per cent (the median average of mobile users per search engine) of users prefer to search for businesses and products using their mobile phones. The key to advancing your mobile visibility is through an optimized and well-designed website. Is your website mobile-friendly?

Your Advantages

Who Needs SoLoMo?

Small Businesses

SoLoMo gives small businesses an advantage in a local setting. Gain the advantage over nearby competitors and reach out to more customers near you.

Medium-Sized Businesses

Expand your business to surrounding areas and a nationwide customer base. SoLoMo allows medium-sized businesses to grow their customer reach.


Be one of the top companies on a national and global scale. SoLoMo helps enterprises dominate their industry.

How it Helps

Why SoLoMo Can Help Your Business

Our clients are choosing other businesses that have a bigger online presence.

Users prefer to purchase products and services from a known brand.

New buyers are more likely to trust someone who is active online (Social), nearby (Location), and easy to reach (Mobile).


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Ready to Use Social, Go Local, and Be Mobile?

WHY it works

Why You Should Be Using SoLoMo Today

Businesses, both big and small, rely on getting the attention of the market.

Social media and location marketing or “geomarketing”, which is reliant on mobile, are the most effective ways of reaching your target audience.

Search is done more on mobile devices than on computers or laptops. Anyone who is looking for your product or service is more likely to use their phone or tablet to find you.

Location marketing revolve around mobile devices and their geotagging and location-based services.

Sales intent is reflected primarily on mobile phones than on laptops and computers. People are more likely to do research on computers, while they are highly likely to find purchase opportunities via mobile.

Mobile utilizes some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology for marketing like augmented reality and QR code scanning.

Readability is stronger on mobile devices, especially if your website interface is designed for mobile.


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How We Work

How it Works

SoLoMo works via a combination of mobile apps, navigation capabilities and social media engagements.


Social: How it Works

Social Content Planning

Ranga Digital collaborates with you to create a custom content plan that is designed to convert and target the most interested customers.

Social Content Development

We will help you create engaging and branded content in different formats such as photos, videos, graphics, and more.

Social Influencer Outreach

Our company will connect you with influencers who share the same values as your company for promotions, sponsorships, and other marketing initiatives.

Social Branding

We help you set your company as an authoritative and authentic brand within your industry through social media.

Promotional Content

Social gives you the chance to show customers your initiatives and celebratory promotions during important events on a national and global level.


Local: How it Works

Google My Business

Our team will enhance your Google My Business listing to keep your local information consistent and useful for those who need it.

Directory Listing

We will place your company on relevant and trustworthy directories to ensure that people can find you on their favourite directories.


NAP (Name Address Phone) citations will be placed in the appropriate platforms such as websites, blogs, forums, and such in an organic manner.

Local Outreach     

Ranga Digital will connect with local businesses, blogs, and websites that are willing to feature your website for better SEO optimisation and marketing efforts.

Local Press Features

Our editorial team will contact relevant news sources to feature your business in accordance with their press releases.


Mobile: How it Works

Mobile-Friendly Website

Ranga Digital will design or redesign your website to optimise it for mobile device viewing.

Voice-Optimised Content

We will create content that is responsive to voice questions on different mobile devices.

Better User Interface for Websites

Our developers will ensure that your mobile website is easy to use and navigate.

Location-based Content

Adding location-based content increases your chances of getting better ranks on Google My Business with generic keywords, as well as voice prompts on mobile devices.

Faster Website Speed

Ranga Digital will enhance the internal structure and code of your website to improve its speed and responsiveness, especially for mobile devices.

How it works

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