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Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO? Without getting into technical terms, SEO is a way for a website or a webpage to be seen on the FIRST PAGE of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Your Advantages

Why You Need SEO

Entrepreneurs have to admit that they don’t have time for SEO.

Here’s an idea of how SEO takes most of your time:

A Day in SEO

  • 8 Hours Looking for People to Email
  • 8 Hours Emailing
  • 8 Hours Researching
  • 8 Hours Writing
  • 8 Hours Responding to Emails
  • 8 Hours Taking Calls
  • 8 Hours More of Something That Just Came Up
  • 10,000+ Hours Learning SEO
As a business owner, does this schedule look appealing to you? No? Then, read on…
Search Engine Optimisation is a decades-old marketing tactic that has only recently seen a surge in utilization. 
Before, only developers were using SEO for big-name companies like IBM, Apple, etc.
Today, more businesses are seeing the value of SEO and why their company needs it immediately.
Easy to use

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Real Time

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Daily Report

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Fast Results

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Why You NEed it

Why You Are Not Using SEO

You now know why you should use SEO, but why have you never tried it before?

The answer is simple: Someone told you to direct your marketing efforts towards other avenues like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Influencer Sponsorships, etc.

But here’s the problem with that.

The majority of businesses are already using these methods and you are most likely stuck in a bidding war for ads with competitors who have a higher ad spend budget.

And where does SEO fit into this?

SEO is said to have little to no results, depending on who you are asking. Some say you don’t have to do anything at all with SEO.

Is that true? Our answer: No.

Many shrewd businesses have already started with their SEO efforts.

That is the reason why they place first on search engines.

The exceptions to the rule are businesses that had a stroke of luck.

Then, are you going to wait for that 1 in a billion chance of being lucky? Or will you act on your SEO campaign today?


Who Uses SEO?

Fortune 500 and 1000 companies used or still use SEO even if they don’t need it anymore.
Businesses who keep their ears on the ground are starting to use SEO and are now outrunning their competitors.
Publishers are using SEO to keep their articles on top of Search.

Why You NEed it

Why is SEO important?

SEO is important because: 

  •         The first place on the most popular search engine gets 31.7% of clicks.
  •         Along with second and third place, the user clicks amount up to 75.1%.
  •         Most people do not bother clicking links past the fifth position unless the first five options are not what they are looking for.

What do these clicks mean?

  •         One click may lead to an answer to a client’s question.
  •         Another may lead to an overview of a product or service.
  •         A third may point them to rates and reviews.
  •         Another click may point them to third party reviews.

The list is endless, but there is one big takeaway: They want information and SEO delivers them the first, easiest, and most relevant information in one go.

Why You Should Use SEO

SEO is designed for businesses who are having trouble with:

  •         Getting more visitors to their website.
  •         Acquiring leads that help them market and retarget to interested clients.
  •         Reducing the cost of marketing budgets by being visible on the top pages of search engines.

While others are sleeping on their SEO efforts, this is the prime moment for you to start using SEO to get your business on the map, figuratively and literally.

Here are the benefits of using SEO for your business:

  •         Clients looking for a service or product like yours will choose you first.
  •         Buyers who need your inventory will call you first.
  •         Users who are looking for options like yours will contact you first.

What Do You Get Out of SEO?

  •         Leads that are more likely to become customers because of the frequency that they see your brand on the first page of search engines.
  •         Sales that are directly sent from the first position of your product on search engines.
  •         Savings on marketing and ad budgets because search engines are already keeping your name on their first page.
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    How Our SEO Package Works

    The main reason your website may not be ranking is because it is not optimised internally. Ranga Digital will go in and fix these issues. In no time at all, your site will start ranking for keywords it signifies.

    Why You NEed it

    We Fix SEO Issues

    Here is a list of issues we will address:

    • Site Speed
    • Usability
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • Broken Links
    • Cannibalization
    • Duplicate Content
    • Meta Descriptions & Title Tags
    • Indexing Issues
    • Keyword
    • Cannibalisation
    • XML Sitemap Status
    • HTTPS status codes
    • Crawl Errors (crawl Report)
    • + Any Other Errors Identified

    Optimise On-Page SEO

    In order to become an authority, we will need to start posting content regularly. To do this, we will need an SEO optimized content plan.

    Content Improvements include adding:

    • Information Content
    • Authority Content
    • Product Specific Content
    • Keyword Optimised Content

    Optimise Off-Page SEO

    Off-page SEO covers the development of content that other websites want to refer to in their articles.

    Here is how we work on off-page SEO:

    • We will find relevant pages that are willing to link back to your website
    • We may publish sponsored content on websites with good content and site traffic
    • We will find directories to publish your NAP (name address phone) citations on

    How it works

    Before you decide, try our 100% No-Risk SEO Audit to find out what your website needs to work on.

    Get your 100%
    Free SEO Aduit

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