SEO Keyword Research: Why You Need to Do It First. Always.


Roughly nine out of ten people use search engines to look for new information and find what they need. As more and more people use the convenience of search engines, it’s important to know how to market your business against the tough competition.

If you’re new to search engine optimisation (SEO), you’ve probably had tons of questions on where to begin. Well, the answer is simple – it is SEO keyword research.  

Keyword research is incredibly important for you to gauge your audience and the trends of the digital market. Unlike before, where you can easily stuff keywords on all your title tags, metadata, and content, some updates make website optimisation difficult.

This is why it’s essential to implement and choose the right keyword to optimise your web pages. 

Wondering why you should do SEO keyword research before anything else? Well, there are thousand and one reasons why.

But First, What Is Keyword Research? 

It is a process in which you perform thorough research on the popular search terms people use to type into search engines, like Google and Bing.

It is a fundamental practice in SEO. While you may hear or read some articles on how keywords are dead, many SEO experts suggest that it is still one of the best ways for your content to appear higher on an on a search engine results page (SERP). 

Being relevant to your users means ranking higher on the search results. When Google ranks websites, it uses a fundamental logic: the best answers always come first.

That is why knowing what your audience wants will help you create content that is useful to them. It places your websites with the most relevant content to the particular search query to the top of the SERPs. The data from your research will now help you understand how to rank on websites, build your brand, and gauge with your audiences better. 

Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic

Skipping keyword research is counter-intuitive and detrimental to your whole digital marketing strategy. Why? Without it, you run the risk of targeting words and search topics that have either: significantly high search volume and competition or does not appeal to any users at all. 

Keywords with high search volume are very difficult to rank and will not result in any improvement for your website. On the other hand, keywords with no search volume typically generate no organic traffic. 

So whether your content is comprehensive and valuable to your audience, without keyword research your SEO strategy will likely fail. 

Wrapping Up: Keyword Research is Always Relevant.

Keyword research may be a tedious and daunting task. However, you must always remember that this can lay down the foundation for your whole content strategy. It is an integral part of SEO and will always be. Through this process, you can create content for the right audience and reach them with the right keywords. 

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