Digital Strategies to Grow your NDIS Service in 2021


Are you an NDIS Service Provider and wondering how to expand and grow your NDIS services through Digital Marketing? Are you curious as to whether what approaches are the most effective for growing an NDIS business? There are key digital strategies to market your services to NDIS participants and step ahead of the competitors.


Social  Media Marketing

Consider creating business pages on Social Media Platforms. In January 2021, almost 80% of the population were active social media users. Facebook was on the top of most social media platforms that Australians use. Next was Instagram, then Snapchat. Your potential clients might be looking for service providers like you on these social media channels.

You may establish connections with potential clients through creating engaging posts, client success stories, snippets of your personal experiences, and so much more.



Social Network

Having good rapport even through online interactions tends people would recommend you to other NDIS participants too.

There are groups made on social media platforms specifically for NDIS participants like Facebook Group NDIS Community. You may connect and build networks by sharing valuable insights genuinely and express your voice as a passionate and trusted expert. 



Google My Business

You may promote your service by registering your business on Google My Business. People can search for your business or the same businesses on Google Maps. They can also leave reviews on your listing which helps to improve the relevance of your business. You’d need to optimise your Google business listing in order to outrank your competitors, the process is Local SEO.

Google My Business listing


Search Engine Marketing

Another way of digital marketing strategy to promote your NDIS Service is using paid advertisements like Google Ads. Ads are displayed based on the budget for PPC (Pay-per-Click) keyword bids. You’d mostly seen these advertised websites on the top of the search results. Successful implementation of PPC would result in a web traffic increase and a better number of leads.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Unlike SEM, SEO is a process of earning page ranks organically. Rankings would be base on Google’s SEO best practices.  A combination of SEM and SEO would be a great digital strategy to improve your website traffic, leads and google ranking.

seo process


Digital Marketing for NDIS Service Providers has moved a great deal with an effective digital strategy that would result in strong visibility allowing to target customers using digital channels and get better leads. Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency to help you grow your business? Contact Us.