Support Requests

Requests for updates or changes on your website. 

How to Submit a request

Please follow these simple steps to submitting our ticket request.
This will save you time and have a faster answer of your website issue or request.

1. Be Clear

To help us answer this support request, we need you to be as clear as possible. 

Below is an example of what a good request looks like:

Title: Update home page heading

Ticket Type: Support Request & Hosting+

Description: On our home page we need to have the heading changed from best SEO Agency to Melbourne’s Best SEO Agency 2022

We only start working on these requests when we 100% understand what is required. When you’re clear, you’ll save emails going backwards and forwards between both of us.

2. Patience

Sending multiple reminders while we’re working on a request, can impact the resolution of the request. If this request is critical and needs resolution immediately, then please put ‘Urgent’ in the title line.

In most cases, we’ll provide you with a timeframe for the task. If the request is a simple task (10-30 minutes), then the request should be completed within 2-3 business days.