Harness That Connection With Customers


By now, brands are saturating the market. Every company needs to step up and make itself stand out from others. In the marketing process, it’s vital that you start with a slogan that leaves a mark on people.

Try to think about a product that you like. What comes to your mind first? What you think about is your impression of the product. What makes you remember the product is the message that they want to convey to you.

Do you want to be funny? Weird? Extravagant? Shocking? Do you want to be relatable to your target market? This is where you need to nail down your branding and marketing strategy.

Making Your Brand Easy to Remember

People most likely don’t remember complicated names. If they do, it would be acronyms or a short version of the name. For people to remember a brand name, it needs to be catchy to trigger retention.

Raise your brand awareness. You need to make noise to get noticed on the market. It helps when you can make people talk about your brand. It opens a lot of opportunities to connect with more prospects.

Provoking Customer Emotions

This is also called Emotional Branding. It happens when you tap into the emotions of your target market through brand messaging. Your goal is to form a connection and earn customer trust.

How do you do this? Make your brand appeal to your target market’s wants and needs. Do they want to feel happy when buying your products? Do they gain security with your services? These are only some of the emotions that you can take into consideration.

Create Retention Via Message Frequency

According to studies, people tend to remember a message when they’ve seen it at least 7 times. After which, they begin to learn the message and recognise your brand. Thanks to social media marketing, you can take advantage of repetition.

To be effective in using repetition, your timing also needs to be right. Post your campaigns on platforms where your target market is most active. Map out your campaign time rather than posting ads or messages in bulk. 

Some campaigns take time to build. So it’s essential that you understand how your message affects people.

Creating Positive Experiences for Customers

A brand can do a thousand things but customers encounter one bad experience and remember it the most. This is why it’s vital for brands to create positive experiences for customers. 

Your customer’s experience with your brand determines the connection they form with you. Customers want a pleasant, enjoyable, and satisfying experience of doing business with you. 

Make sure your brand can deliver consistently positive experiences. Your customers will associate positiveness with your brand.

Let Your Brand Be Unique

Give your brand its unique identity. Your identity needs to be strong enough for people to recognise you. The first impressions of your brand on people will affect your brand identity.

Be an authoritative presence in the marketplace. Be consistent with what you have to offer. Gain your customers’ trust throughout years of impressive service.