Entice Your Customers With Interesting Storytelling


Many of the best marketers worldwide make use of great storytelling for conversion rates. According to a video by the Women’s Leadership Lab at Stanford University, stories are 22 times more memorable than facts. Having your own signature story can make people recall your brand easily.

Stories affect people in many different ways. Some want to relate to the story’s hero and those that want to listen to the journey of the hero. The investment that your audience has developed from your stories can result in persuasion. Marketing is all about persuading your audience to be customers; this is what storytelling is a powerful tool to use.

What effective storytelling looks like

Being Universal

People feel the story more once they can relate to it. Stories that carry emotions and tap into your audience’s experience work best. It’s because the audience can easily put themselves in the place of the story’s protagonist. The more relatable your story is, the more people you can reach out to.

Being Memorable

Stories are memorable to a point. If your story has the right elements of humour, motivation, inspiration, and even scandal, it will stick in people’s minds. Good stories will remain in people’s memory and they might even share them with others. It’s all about telling a story that tickles the mind of your audience.

Conveying the Right Message you don’t want your audience to misunderstand what your story is all about. That’s why it’s important to arrange your storytelling in a way that can convey your desired message. Highlight the message or messages that you want to spread so that your audience grasps it well.

Some other important factors to great storytelling are:

  • Your Character/s
  • A Conflict
  • The Solution