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Hi, I'm Tristan.

I’m a Melbourne based marketeer, focussing on online marketing, videography, photography, virtual tours and web design.

So chances are you now understand where the Ranga comes from. 

My passion in life is to help those who are struggling to tell there story. Stories are what makes us.

My focus is on creating a simple outcome, then find the path that leads us there. This can be done through websites, social media, videography or even photography. 

I have a number of team members that work with me, from all over the world, but mainly here in Melbourne too. 

If you ever want to have a friendly chat about what we offer, or how we can help, please feel free to reach out. 

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Your bespoke marketing plan.

An SEO & Digital Marketing Agency focussed on bespoke marketing strategies.

Ranga Digital is a Digital Marketing and SEO based agency in Melbourne. Unlike a lot of other agencies in Australia, we don’t fluff our feathers, overpromise and underdeliver, we believe in honest bespoke marketing strategies which compliment your business. We design them to last. 

Ranga Digital was founded in 2010, under a different name, by Tristan Nyhuis. As the industry grew, so did we. We’ve gone from building simple websites, to extremely unique Digital Marketing strategies. We’ve worked on some very simple websites, and have worked on complete digital integration projects, turning a completely paper business into a growing digital business. 

Actual Results. Actual Clients.

Five star!Very professional website designer. Great communication, excellent customer service!!! Recommend to all that needs to build a good-looking and well-functioning website.

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Here it is, our proud work!